Max Geisler (k)

for rent

Diplom Gestaltung
Prof. Gunter Reski

Diplom Theory
Prof. Dr. Christian Janecke

1 November 2018

The installation for rent shows a moment in time. It relates to the disturbance of a coherent and ordered spatial structure, presented in the form of a walk-in pictorial space. At the start of the work, the building fabric of the vacant offices was expressly adopted and expanded. The rooms serve as material carriers of the picturesque intervention. Insulation material bulges out of the cracked walls and connects up with sprayed paint to form a layered pictorial space. Due to the flickering permeability of the reinforced grid, applying paint creates visual bewilderment, reminiscent of digital image disorders. The subtle colour sweeps and powerful interventions form a temporary state of uncertainty. Is the room falling apart or is it stacking up into something new?

The frozen movement remains as a still image of a destructive action. The circumstance becomes the starting point, the intermediate state the temporary ending.



for rent / 2018

acrylic, spray paint, expanding foam filler, mineral wool, mortar, reinforcement fabric, aluminium profiles, plasterboard, woodchip wallpaper, emulsion paint and skirting boards

Room: 300 x 700 x 500 cm


1990 Geboren in Frankfurt am Main, lebt und arbeitet in Frankfurt und Offenbach

2010 bis 2018 HfG Offenbach, Prof. Gunter Reski, Prof. Adam Jankowski

2011 Stipendium der Johannes-Mosbach-Stiftung

2017 Akademie der bildenden Künste, Wien, Prof. Erwin Bohatsch



2019 Lies About, Gussglashalle, Berlin; And this is us, Frankfurter Kunstverein, Frankfurt a. M.

2018 Soft Opening, Le Bureau, Frankfurt a. M.

2017 Konsistenz und Existenz, Station, Offenbach

a thousand hours of hell for one moment of love, Satellit, Berlin

GELD, Semperdepot, Wien

2016 22 Kilo Malerei, Galerie Dechanatstraße, Bremen; Gout#10, Malerei in-/extended, Sheraton Hotel, Offenbach