Judith Block (d)


Diplom Gestaltung
Prof. Peter Eckart

Diplom Theory
Prof. Dr. Martin Gessmann

20 April 2018

If the ecosystem of a field becomes unbalanced, it results in an overpopulation of pests. Most pests are fought with poison. As a result, not only does the diversity of species suffer, but also farmers’ yields in the long term. The KLEA service provides a sustainable alternative.

A service employee flies a drone across the field and analyses it’s green values with a special camera system. This enables pest infestation to be detected at an early stage and action can be taken before the infestation reaches drastic proportions. The results of the analysis are sent to the farmer, who decides how to proceed. KLEA offers the release of beneficial insects, should pest infestation occur. Pest predators can be used specifically for control purposes. The beneficial insects are distributed over the field with the help of an additional drone module. In this way, the ecosystem of the field is not polluted by toxic substances and is even stabilised and strengthened by KLEA.