Vanessa van den Bossche (d)


Diplom Gestaltung
Prof. Frank Georg Zebner

Diplom Theory
Prof. Dr. Klaus Klemp

26 October 2018

PURRSENSE is concerned with the positive effects of structure-borne sound frequencies on the human organism. Cats are able to use neuronal impulses to set the vocal cords in their larynx into a rhythmic oscillation, which causes them to produce not only audible purring but also inaudible haptic impulses when breathing in and out. These can cause the reconstruction of destroyed bones and muscle tissue and have a calming effect in stressful situations. The positive properties of structure-borne sound open up new possibilities for self-therapy and treatment in care situations. The emotional aspect plays an important role when interacting with people. Therefore the moments when people touch each other are very important. The body temperature rises and the blood pressure drops, while hormonal processes are simultaneously set in motion that can positively influence one’s health. The focus of this project was on the wish to design a product that can sensitise the senses and can thereby achieve therapeutic benefits.