Urs Tilman Daun (k)

Flight Worlds – Construction of Reality

Diplom Gestaltung
Prof. Martin Liebscher

Diplom Theory
Prof. Dr. Marc Ries

1 November 2018

In his photographic work, Urs Tilman Daun primarily questions the spatial and temporal movement of people and objects. Time and again, the themes he explores in his work concern an escape from reality, artificial worlds, and a nostalgic indulgence in a better past. In his practically orientated Diplom project Fluchtwelten – Konstruktionen der Wirklichkeit he initially examined decorative elements and their effect on the viewer. In the course of the photographic process, Urs Tilman Daun immersed himself ever deeper into otherwise unseen worlds. The outcome was a photographic tetraptych, a four-part set of works consisting of 40 analogue colour photographs and a photo book (black and white).


1980 Geboren in Köln

2009–2018 Fotografie-Studium bei Prof. Martin Liebscher und Prof. Dr. Marc Ries an der HfG Offenbach, Diplom-Designer Fachbereich Kunst

2004–2009 Diplom-Sozialpädagoge, Hochschule Düsseldorf, Schwerpunkt »Kultur, Ästhetik und Medien«

Seit 2009 freiberuflicher Filmpädagoge