Laura Jil Fugger (k)


Diplom Gestaltung
Prof. Eike König

Diplom Theory
Prof. Dr. Marc Ries

18 May 2018

A book with drawings of a moth named Crab Soup and a beetle that smells of peach. Insects are our ubiquitous and smallest wild animals, which we encounter not only in nature, but also in parks, gardens, and on the balcony. A selection of them is presented in 96 drawings by hand and in colour, accompanied with short texts. Their way of life as well as their symbiosis with plants and other insects is described. artenreich is printed on high-quality Munken paper and hand-stitched with linen thread in butterfly binding.


1988 in Frankfurt am Main geboren. Lebt und arbeitet in Offenbach am Main.



2018 Surinam, BOK Galerie, Offenbach

2017 Kunstansichten Offenbach, Hafengarten

2016 Galerie Art Supplement, Göttingen

2015 Taubenschau, Stadtlabor unterwegs, Frankfurt

2012 links Berge, rechts Seen, Kunstverein Lola Montez, Frankfurt

2011 Paralleles Universum 3.0, Galerie Bestregarts, Frankfurt

2010 Volksbühne, Galerie Satellit, Berlin