Tilmann Aechtner (k)

Technical Modernisation and Living Environment

Diplom Gestaltung
Prof. Eike König/Ubermorgen

Diplom Theory
Prof. Dr. Juliane Rebentisch

18 May 2018

The work shows five running cardboard boxes, very ironically reminiscent of an expanded access by technology and electrical companies to intelligent everyday objects – or as ubiquitous packaging material of an pervasive service society. While digitalisation seems to have brought about profound changes in our everyday lives, these references soon lose themselves in the creaking and crashing noise of their movement. The machines sluggishly get started, speed up and finally end up colliding with a wall. They crash into one another, they rub against one another, they run away and avoid from each other, and they cuddle in threes. While the innermost part of these machines remains hidden, their movements are translated into an ongoing process of interpretation in a multifaceted network of relationships. The viewers develop empathy for machines and the question appears what the possibilities of our relationship might be to